Five Wellbeing Experience + Lounging Therapies 


Through guest feedback, we learned that people have a hard time deciding what to do because we have so many state-of-the-art things they want to try.  As a result, we created a selection of mostly half-hour experiences so that you can try a variety of things without the pressure of deciding or having to forego something.

Your experience includes:

60-minute yoga class

30-minutes in the ‘Inhale’ Salt Therapy Lounge

30-minutes in the ‘Exhale’ Sound Resonance Lounge

30-minute It’s All About You Massage

30-minute Essentials Facial

You also get relax time in our Pause Lounge where you can just chill between any of your services.  It’ll be the best $199 value you’ll ever spend on yourself.

‘INHALE’ Salt Therapy | $29 | 30-Minutes

Breathing in the healing properties of salt has been around for 150 years. Seaside retreats for asthma sufferers have been common practice for many to improve breathing. Unlike other salt rooms, ours is a lounge experience where you can ‘inhale’ with like-minded people while relaxing in a reclining, leather lounge chair. Fine particles of pharmaceutical grade salt are softly circulated into the room so that you get what you need just as you would from the being at the ocean. Book with Exhale’ afterward for an even deeper experience.

‘EXHALE’ Sound Resonance Therapy | $29 | 30-Minutes

Layered music and vibrational therapies induce profound relaxation and stress reduction when resting in our zero gravity SolTec® loungers. They are state-of-the-art and have been designed with bass and mid-range frequencies that create synchronous vibrations up and down the body. This exceptionally relaxing experience uses technology to stimulate both neurological and psychological changes within your body, so you can reset to a better state of wellbeing.  It’s like getting 4 hours of sleep in 30 minutes. And actually…it just feels dreamy.  Book with ‘Inhale’ prior to your treatments for a completely clandestine experience.