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Poultice Massage Journey

 60 min / $145                                   90 min / $178

A poultice is an ancient way to deliver the healing benefits of botanicals. Ours are made of natural muslin cloth filled with crushed flowers, herbs, and leaves wrapped in a firm compress. Once warmed it is rolled over the body in a methodical motion where it provides nourishment and vitality to the entire body. This treatment is very grounding, balancing and brings a renewed flow of energy through the stomach meridian.                                 

It’s All About You

50 min / $95                                      80 min/ $135

This customized massage puts your comfort in the hands of our therapists because we know that one massage style isn’t a one-size-fits-all. After a conversation with your therapist describing how you feel and the type of pressure you want, you can let us take it from there

Bamboo Massage

80 min / $135

Ancient bamboo symbolizes strength, youth, prosperity, and peace. It also enhances circulation, relief of muscle tension, deep relaxation and aids in detoxification. When used with ginger and neroli oils, the pivoting, rolling and seesaw motions of the bamboo sticks balance, calm and energize you both physically and mentally.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

50 min / $95                                      80 min / $135

Our active Colorado lifestyle can sometimes wreak havoc on our muscles and joints. To ease the discomfort and inflammation, we use organic and wild sages mixed with lavender to purify and calm. This performance enhancing massage combines stretching, compressions and deep tissue techniques to restore mobility and body comfort.

Hot Stone Massage

80 min / $135

You know what it is and we have it but it’s even more awesome because we add a cool stone facial.

Maternity Massage*

50 min / $95                                       80 min / $135

Using mother and baby safe oils, this massage is designed to soothe pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, hip and pelvic pain and headaches due to hormonal imbalance. Coconut-Kuki oil, macadamia nut, rose hip and chia seed extract relax the mind and body while nourishing and conditioning the skin.

*We require that guests are past their first trimester.

25-minute Stress Buster Massage

25 min / $65

Dear Stress, let’s break up! We understand that time is of the essences so we have created a customized; neck, back and shoulder massage that will alleviate your heartbreak.



Face-focused Facial

60 min / $145

Centered on a seasonal selection of biorhythm and balancing aromatic oils, this facial creates vitality and cultivates relaxation. As you melt into the float table, elemental healing stones are used in an acupressure facial massage while bamboo sticks tone and tighten as you drift into tranquility.

Head-to-Toe Facial

90 min / $178

This is a specially developed facial incorporating five elements minerals and spirulina which is a nutrient-rich superfood. This facial stimulates circulation, collagen production, and cell turn over. Included is a grounding foot ritual with vibrational therapy, a mineral-rich back scrub and healing rose quartz massage after the scrub.

Essentials Facial

50 min / $125

This all-inclusive, customized facial designed to address your skin type in a conversation directly with your esthetician rather than making you choose from a long list of options when making your appointment. After all, you are putting your face in our hands so you can trust that we will take care of it.

Skin Correcting Facial

80 min / $165

This results-oriented and customized facial addresses skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, reactive skin or prematurely aging skin. Including an exfoliating multi-acid peel, acu-lift massage and skin balancing mask, this facial promotes circulation, deeply nourishes and generates energy in the skin with coenzyme Q10. It’s an all-inclusive service so no surprise add-ons here.

25-minute Refresher Facial

25 min / $65

Ready, Set, Glow…. take a moment to reset.  This facial includes; cleansing, exfoliation and a hydration finish that will leave you feeling radiant.



Magnesium Wellness Wrap

60 min / $145

Delivering magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient mineral levels, this treatment also promotes healthier energy levels, better sleep, and muscle function. Hand-harvested concentrated salts re-mineralizing with 60 essential minerals to nourish and balance.

Detoxifying Clay Wrap

60 min / $145

For hundreds of years, Moroccan clay has been used for its skin conditioning, therapeutic and detoxifying properties. In this treatment, a lymphatic drainage exfoliation is performed with dry brushing techniques enhancing blood circulation. Included are a yummy hair and scalp treatment.

Infusing Vitamin Wrap*

90 min / $178

In this spirulina-algae wrap, nutrient-rich superfoods stimulate circulation, collagen production, and cell turn over. It is a head-to-toe service that includes a facial mask, scalp massage, ear pressure point therapy and reflexology making this a dreamy way to drift away.

*not recommended for people with allergies to iodine, pregnant, high blood pressure or heart conditions

Skin Replenishing Sugar Scrub

50 min / $125

Restores vital hydration that is lost in our dry Colorado climate. A white magnolia, wild prickly pear, and ruby red pomegranate lotion application makes this service just yummy.

Skin Correcting Bamboo Scrub

50 min / $125

Exfoliates with fruit enzymes to refine and brighten skin texture. Organic ginger oil is blended with multi-vitamin firming cream and nutrient-rich algae making your skin red-carpet-ready.

Anti-inflammatory Salt Scrub

50 min / $125

Utilizes fossilized desert salts to exfoliate dry skin. To finish, soothing sage and lavenders suspended in an exquisitely blended lotion, melt away muscle and joint soreness.


Rejuvenating Therapies

‘INHALE’ Salt Therapy

25 min / $26

Breathing in the healing properties of salt has been around for 150 years. Seaside retreats for asthma sufferers has been a common practice for many to improve breathing. Unlike other salt rooms, ours is a lounge experience where you can ‘inhale’ with like-minded people while relaxing in a reclining, leather lounge chair. Fine particles of pharmaceutical grade salt are softly circulated into the room so that you get what you need just as you would from the being at the ocean. For an even deeper experience, book with ‘Exhale’ afterward for enhanced renewal and relaxation.

‘EXHALE’ Sound Resonance Therapy

25 min / $26

Layered music and vibrational therapies induce profound relaxation and stress reduction when resting in our zero gravity SolTec® loungers. They are state-of-the-art and have been designed with bass and mid-range frequencies that create synchronous vibrations up and down the body. This exceptionally relaxing experience uses technology to stimulate both neurological and psychological changes within your body so you can reset to a better state of wellbeing. It’s like getting 4 hours of sleep in 25 minutes. And actually… it just feels really awesome! Book with ‘Inhale’ prior to for a completely clandestine experience.


Final Touch Menu

Brow Services

Classic Brow Shaping

25 min / $40

A conversation with your esthetician will bring you to your desired outcome. Shaping and brow pencil sculpting create your perfect brow.

The Art of Brow Shaping

40 min / $70

Become the master of your own brows as we teach you the art of brow definition. Includes a lesson on how to shape, fill and highlight so that you can consistently achieve great brows at home. You will leave with ‘How-to-Brow’ kit that consists of brow cream, defining gel, highlighter pencil and sharpener.

Waxing Services

Brow Wax

15 min / $25

Lip Wax

10 min / $15



Book your appointment Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 4pm and save 30% on all 50-minute or longer spa treatments.

Use Promo Code: B2SCHOOL


Must book and use by 9/30/2018. May not be combined with another offer.

Get Back To Your Yoga Routine

5-Class Series $75

10-Class Series $140

Unlimited Yoga Membership $79
(billed monthly, with 3-month commitment)

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